Thank you for your interest in Share. Like. Buy. America’s essential conference for youth marketers since 2011.

To continue our quest to stay ahead of youth trends and build modern brands we decided to rebrand this event to THE CONSUMER OF THE FUTURE conference.

The new event is invite only and scheduled to take place in New York, NY on September 26th 2018.

For more information about the CONSUMER OF THE FUTURE Conference and to inquire about attending, please visit


Since 2011, Share.Like.Buy. has been the essential American youth trends marketing conference. Having begun with a focus on millennials, Share.Like.Buy. is now just as much about Gen Z. Share.Like.Buy. brings the most recent and relevant youth trends research, case studies, and speakers to marketers from the world's leading agencies and brands. We do this at conferences in fun, friendly, interesting, non-traditional venues, to encourage better networking and a more memorable and valuable experience.