Wednesday, October, 18

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    Credentials Pickup Opens

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    Welcome & Opening Remarks

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    Dispelling Myths and Getting to the Truth of Gen Z

    Connor Blakley
    Founder & CEO

    While marketers have been struggling to understand Millennials, Gen Z quietly grew up – forging a unique set of attitudes, behaviors, preferences and demands for brands and retailers. Reflecting their status as the first truly plugged-in, cross-platform generation, they’re making new traditions and reshaping commerce to meet their needs. Connor will ‘hit us with the real tea,’ dispelling myths and getting to the truth about his generation first-hand.

  • 09:00 AM

    Engaging Empowered Consumers Influenced by Youth Culture

    Jeff Fromm
    Founder & President

    Angie Read
    VP for Growth Insight & Gen Z Evangelist

    Q&A with Madeline Merrill

    Teenagers aren’t just “tomorrow’s consumers” – they are already one of the most powerful consumer forces in our market today. As they continue to form their own brand preferences and develop personal buying behaviors, their influence on the market will continue to grow. Jeff will showcase how Gen Z pivots away from past generations to create a unique identity. He’ll outline how modern brands learn to play by Gen Z’s rules to earn their love and loyalty, and explore how Gen Z drives a new era of empowered consumerism.

  • 09:45 AM

    The Class of 2025

    Matt Britton

    The Class of 2025 will enter a world that looks vastly different from today. Generation Z will face an altered consumer culture, media landscape, and business challenges. Matt will discuss our current media/ advertising ecosystem and what’s to come over the next decade, with a focus on:

    • The coming disruption of TV and media
    • The future of the “American family” and a new vision of consumerism
    • The changing face of education and EdTech, and its impact on brands
    • The evolution of jobs in a world of free agents
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  • 11:00 AM

    Not Just Another Millennial Story: How Gen Z Requires Retailers To Up Their Game

    Marcie Merriman
    Executive Director
    Ernst & Young

    As an expert in cultural anthropology, Marcie will connect the dots between the consumer needs of omni-channel teenagers, and the requirements for business innovation and growth.

  • 11:45 AM

    How To Save the World without Really Trying

    Barry Shore
    Founder & CEO

    In 2004, Barry was a successful internet and telecom entrepreneur. But overnight, his life changed. Because of a rare disease, he found himself a quadriplegic. In rehab, he met people who could not afford wheelchairs. Trapped in an uncooperative body and evaluating the purpose of his life, Barry began dreaming big. Really big. He set a goal to donate $1 billion to charities all over the world… including those that provide wheelchairs. But how to achieve this goal? He determined there must be a way for people to give money – on a regular basis – at no cost. His epiphany led to Dlyted. Barry will describe his journey, his philanthropic brainstorm, and how all of us can find purpose in effortless giving.

  • 12:05 PM

    Networking Exercise: How Will You Change the World?

    People. Planning. Prizes.

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  • 01:15 PM

    Gimme the Keys: Letting Gen Z Drive Our Brand

    Kate Pope Smith
    Director of Integrated Marketing

    Present on more than 600 college campuses in North America, Zipcar knows Gen Z well. This generation plays a big role in what Zipcar is, so the company has developed ways to connect with Gen Z directly, and become an authentic part of their daily lives. Kate will describe how Zipcar brings its brand to life for Gen Z, from experiential marketing to its passion point strategy to messaging.

  • 01:45 PM

    Coaching Students for the Fight of Life

    Adam Grant
    Founder & CEO
    Campus Commandos

    Khali Sweeney
    Founder & CEO
    Downtown Boxing Gym

    Adam and Khali will describe today’s scene in downtown Detroit, and how they help coach students for better futures. Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program members have a 100% high school graduation rate. Campus Commandos has put more than half a million dollars into college students’ pockets to reduce tuition debt. Each company has had a big impact in Detroit; both have received big returns on their investments. Learn how you can make an impact with your marketing, what makes Detroit special, and how to throw a proper punch.

  • 02:15 PM

    Delete.Hate.Bye! Why Gen Z Thinks Your Brand Sucks

    Sarah Unger
    VP of Marketing, Strategy, Trends & Insights

    Miri Rodriguez

    Steve Berra
    The Berrics

    Gregg Witt (moderator)
    EVP of Youth Marketing

    Building youth brands is time-consuming and challenging: there are many ways it can go south quickly. This unfiltered session takes a hard look at the issues many brands would rather avoid. Hear from leading brands that make the connection. Takeaways:

    • What’s going on in the minds of teens and young adults
    • Common yet avoidable reasons why teens and young adults have negative perceptions of brands
    • Key emotional motivators for youth audiences
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  • 03:15 PM

    Global Gen Z: How to Succeed with a Worldwide Generation

    Mary McIlrath
    SVP & Partner

    For the past two years, YouthBeat has been tapping into the hearts and minds of Gen Z and their families across the globe. Mary will present findings from C+R Research’s work in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, China, India, and Mexico. Learn answers to:

    • Where are youth most likely to receive an allowance, and earn money outside the home?
    • What items do youth ask for money to buy? In what categories are they allowed to choose their own purchases?
    • In which categories are youth’s brand preferences the strongest?

    And as a special bonus, in honor of Share.Like.Buy. 2017’s host city:

    • How do Gen Z’s lives in the UK compare before and after the Brexit vote?
    • How do the behaviors and attitudes of American Gen Z’s compare before and after the change in Presidential administrations?
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    Fritz Brumder
    Founder & CEO

    Live video is exploding on all channels, from social media to sites and apps owned by brands and publishers. Predictions call for a 15x increase in live video internet traffic over the next four years, as the medium becomes “mainstreamed” for a wide variety of new and different uses. Fritz will describe how some of the world’s biggest brands are using live video to reach millennials and Gen Z. He will share why the next generation will normalize live video into every channel of communication, and why no brand will do business without it.

  • 04:15 PM

    What Young People Want: Activations That Resonate With Gen Z

    Karen Goldfeder
    VP of Business Development

    High-impact brand activations can be difficult to navigate – especially in capturing Gen Z’s attention. Based on’s 20 years of work with brand partners such as GM and ESPN, Karen will share proprietary data about young people today, and reveal the activation tricks that break through the noise and move youth to act.

  • 04:45 PM

    Tapping Youth's Indie Spirit to Drive Loyalty and Disrupt an Industry

    Amanda Nichols
    Global Brand Director – Tribute Portfolio
    Marriott International

    Marriott – the world’s largest hotel company – markets 30 hotel brands that span 6,100+ properties in 124 countries. Amanda will describe how 90-year-old Marriott created buzzed-about brands such as the social savvy Moxy Hotels, the community connected Tribute Portfolio, and the game changing Autograph Collection Hotels to build relationships with next generation travelers.
  • 05:15 PM

    Networking Reception - National Geographic Courtyard

    Drinks and hors d’ouvres at golden hour. Make new friends and find dinner partners.

Thursday, October, 19

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    Recap & Preview

  • 08:30 AM

    Buy Me or By Me: The Rise of Gen Z Influencers

    Davianne Harris
    Senior Director, Brand Strategy

    Melanie Shreffler
    Senior Director, Insights

    Surrounded by ads from an early age on every platform, Gen Z’s are adept at tuning out promotional messaging. They distrust brands that seek to sell them. Instead, they look to friends and strangers to inform what they wear, listen to, watch, and eat. As Z’s abandon traditional media platforms, the power of the social influencer has never been stronger or more relevant: Z’s are more likely to buy something that a social media influencer endorses (61%) than something a traditional celebrity endorses (39%). Alina and Melanie will explain the shift from mass target to micro trendsetters, and how to identify the right influencers, content, and platforms for reaching Z’s.

  • 09:00 AM

    The Millennial Mom: Today’s Super Shopper

    Heather Froelich
    Senior Manager, Analytics
    Collective Bias

    Tara Trocki
    Senior Director, Digital Promotions
    Collective Bias

    Moms make or influence much of today’s purchase decisions. But who is she? This session will explore the Millennial Mom and how she is different from the Millennial Dad, Generation X Mom, or Hispanic Mom. You’ll learn what’s in her shopping basket and how are her shopping habits evolving:

    • We’ll identify different types of Millennial Moms and their shopping habits
    • How brands can grow and maintain Millennial Mom loyalty
    • What exactly is in Millennial Moms’ basket today?
    • How Millennial Moms engage with social media and its impact on shopper behavior
    • The growing influence of children and pets on Millennial Moms’ shopping behavior for in-store and online purchases.
  • 09:30 AM

    Be Authentic, Be Engaging, or Get Out of my Feed

    Jon Grant
    Senior Manager, Product Marketing
    Square Enix

    In a world where anything is possible, how does a brand break through the noise with today’s modern consumer? Jon Grant will discuss how Deus Ex, a video game with a challenger brand budget forged a new path to win over modern consumers and put his brand at the center of a movement.

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  • 10:30 AM

    How To Create Awesomeness

    Harley Block
    SVP, Brand Partnerships

    Jeff Fromm
    Author & Youth Expert

    Harley and Jeff discuss why Awesomeness has experienced such an awesome rise.

  • 11:00 AM

    As Gen Z Enters the Workforce, What Will It Mean for Gen Z Spending?

    Louise Wiggins
    The Boston Consulting Group

    As Gen Z begins to enter the workforce this year, Louise will walk through how Gen Z’s spending and consumer behavior is likely to evolve in 2018 and beyond. She’ll share the latest results from BCG’s annual Consumer Sentiment survey, outlining year-over-year trends in spending, trading up & trading down, sentiment, values, and the implications for consumer companies.

  • 11:30 AM

    As Students Go, So Goes the Nation

    Alex Kronman
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Political advertising often exists in parallel to brand marketing but the insights and best practices from the political world translate easily to brands. Elections are decided by the behavior of 18-24 year olds, just like that same group decides which brand win and which lose favor. Political advertising the purest form of youth marketing and we’ll show how great brands can learn from great campaigns.

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  • 01:00 PM

    Gen Z's Effect on Older Generations

    Jeff Fromm
    Founder & President

  • 01:15 PM

    A Legacy Brand Redefines Itself in a Digital Age

    Jill Cress
    Chief Marketing Officer
    National Geographic Partners

    For almost 130 years, National Geographic has given a platform to the best storytellers in the world and used the power of its yellow border to take audiences on explorations around the globe. National Geographic Partners’ Chief Marketing Officer Jill Cress will discuss how this iconic brand is reaching a new generation of consumers by leaning into its DNA as a visual storyteller to become the number one non-celebrity brand on Instagram, a top-10 brand on YouTube and the largest TV network on Facebook, as well as one of the 50 most-followed Facebook pages worldwide. Through a renewed focus on the brand’s mission to deepen people’s understanding of the world and their role in it, National Geographic is building a new community of engaged fans and taking this historic brand from ‘reverence to relevance.’

  • 01:45 PM

    Conversing with Pride

    Khobi Brooklyn
    VP of Global Communications

    Alison DaSilva
    Cone Communications

    How a mainstream brand reaches out to LGTBQ.

  • 02:15 PM

    10 Things I've Learned About Gen Z Over 10 years, in 10 Minutes

    Steph Wissink
    Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst

  • 02:30 PM

    The Buzz on Afterbuzz

    Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro

    Afterbuzz TV

    Find your audience where their passion hits hyperdrive. Buzzy but true: Afterbuzz TV – “By the fans, for the fans” – has some of the strongest engagement stats for podcasts anywhere. Come hear its celebrity founders describe how to harness the insatiable desire for news, gossip, and opinion about entertainment.
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    Closing Remarks

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    Conference Adjourns ... See you in 2018!