Wednesday, November, 9

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    Credentials Pickup Opens

  • 08:30 AM

    Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • 08:45 AM

    Walter Levitt, CMO, Comedy Central

    How to Keep Millennials Laughing

    How does a “traditional” media brand stay relevant to Millennials in this multi-platform / multi-screen / multi-everything world? Walter will describe strategies that 25-year-old Comedy Central uses to remain the #1 brand in comedy for Millennials. (No, Amy Schumer will not be making a surprise appearance – sorry.)

  • 09:15 AM

    Simone Chaffiotte, Carat and Koppel Verma, Spotify

    How Spotify Connected Disconnected Millennials

    Carat and Spotify recently partnered to identify how different cohorts of millennials view, buy, and listen to music. Having once viewed millennials as a single demographic, Spotify applied learnings from Carat’s study, “The Millennial Disconnect,” to separate millennials into psychographic and lifestyle segments: Trendsetters, Alternatives, LYFpreneurs, and BetaBlazers. Mark and Simone will describe how viewing millennials through these psychographic lenses can drive competitive advantages for brands.

  • 09:45 AM

    Jeff Fromm, Founder/President, Futurecast

    Modernize Your Brand to Win with Gen Z & Millennials

    Jeff will discuss best practices in how to modernize your brand. He’ll highlight insights from new research fielded in Q3 2016, with a focus on brands that get it right. You’ll learn best practices for:

    • Gathering actionable insights
    • Codifying your brand story
    • Living your brand story
    • Identifying the Millennial Mindset™
    • Creating brand energy
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  • 11:00 AM

    Jake Katz, VP, Audience Insights & Strategy, REVOLT TV

    Project Z: A Mixed Media Story

    Call them Gen Z, Homelanders, Plurals, Cybrids, iGen, who cares? What matters is that a 17 year old today defies much of what we’ve learned and put in to practice around Millennials. There is a clear divide in the world that today’s teens are growing up in and the world their older Millennial counterparts grew up in just a few years ago. Understanding Gen Z’s unique cultural context now will better prepare every brand marketer for this generation as they enter young adulthood.

    Jake will share REVOLT’s Project Z initiative, including marketing insights and engagement strategies around Gen Z’s culture, attitudes, preferences, and tension points.

    • Rebellion is back: Today’s teens are not being raised by the coddling helicopter parents that shaped Millennials. Gen Z’s parents are pissed about the recession, and so skepticism around The American Dream is in their kids’ DNA.
    • Diversity is not an ideal, it is an expectation: Gen Z is the first majority-minority generation in U.S. history, and yet social injustice has never been more visible.
    • They’re just different: Fewer than half of families are traditional, and lines between genders, sexuality, race and ethnicity have blurred.
    • Media isn’t new, it’s post-modern: What we call new media, this next group of consumers sees instead as a mature landscape of utilities.
  • 11:30 AM

    Bill Reihl, Partner, Ketchum

    How New Media Is Taking Over

    Bill Reihl, Ketchum partner and managing director of its global brand marketing practice, interviews Jake Katz of REVOLT TV and Koppel Verma of Spotify about the current status and future direction of new media.

  • 11:45 AM

    René Banglesdorf and Lisa Copeland

    Helping Millennial Women Crush Mediocrity 

    The co-authors of Crushing Mediocrity: 10 Ways To Rise Above the Status Quo discuss the inspirations of their movement to motivate millennial women to reach their full potential.

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  • 01:30 PM

    David Gardner, MARU / Matchbox and Kristin Evans, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

    How Gen Z Differs from Millennials

    If given the opportunity to rewind 15 years, many marketers would engage and learn about the unique characteristics of the Millennial generation. This generation, obsessed with personalization and empowered by a technology revolution, has changed marketing from mass to personal. Yet, as Gen Z approaches, too many prognosticators are peddling a message that Gen Z are “Millennials on steroids.” Using the ongoing and iterative research approaches, MARU/Matchbox has developed research to unpack this generation that is soon to come of age. We’re all familiar with the adage: “age is just a number.” Well for Gen Z, gender is just a word. MARU/Matchbox partnered with DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse to explore and uncover the distinct differences between Gen Z and their Millennial counterparts in regards to technology, retail, fashion, and lifestyle.

  • 02:00 PM

    Rachel Parkin, SVP, Strategy & Insights, CafeMedia

    Beyond Language: A Culture-First Approach to Connecting with Millennial Latinas

    Connecting with today’s millennial Latina requires a culture-first approach. Her Latina heritage defines who she is, yet English is overwhelmingly her language of choice. Rachel will explore how to tap into her core values based on CafeMedia’s experience creating content that reaches Latinas every day. She’ll explain how to build a bridge to the growing class of millennial Latinas who are English-first bilinguals, but proudly express their Latina identity through everything from food to fashion.

  • 02:30 PM

    Leslie Coyne, Director, Global University Relations, GE

    Leveraging Disruption to Market a 124-Year-Old Start Up

    Every industrial company must also be a digital leader. This is the next wave of competitiveness. As such, GE is experiencing a massive transformation into the premier digital industrial company. Our challenge in the war for talent: tell this story to a generation with a 12-second attention span and whose greatest fear is not getting a job that matches their personality. Using some unexpected and disruptive techniques, GE is reaching this global audience and allowing them to experience a brand that is always in motion – a brand that is human, accessible, and always makes you curious. In this session, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at some recent efforts to attract millennials to this “124-year old start up.”

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  • 03:30 PM

    Andrew Deitchman, Founder/CEO, The New Stand

    The Rise of Hybrid Business Models

    To reach Millennials (which, to survive, they must), brands are starting to adopt hybrid business models: in addition to selling product, they must add value to consumers’ lives in several ways. Andrew left his corner office at Mother NY wanting to add value to modern consumers. He started The New Stand, a new chain of retail stores in NYC that merges physical stores with a digital media platform. Having already re-invented convenience retail for commuters in NYC’s subway system, they’re now doing the same within office buildings. The New Stand partners with brands including Ebay, Grey Goose, and IBM Watson to sell their products and services on a fee-based or revenue-sharing model – a rarity in retail. The New.Stand app gathers data on what interests customers, and uses that data to curate products sold in store. Hear how Andrew has reinvented the retail model, and be inspired by the importance of marketing partnerships in providing authentic value to Millennial consumers.

  • 04:15

    Alex Kronman, Founder/CEO, flytedesk

    Reaching Millennials Where It Matters

    We know who Millennials are and we know what they want, but we still haven’t mastered how to reach them. By the time the marketing industry decides on the best new medium, Millennials have already moved on. They’ve cancelled cable subscriptions, installed ad blockers, and left Facebook in droves. By getting your message in the right places, we can start forging deeper, more meaningful brand relationships. Alex will show you how to bring your brand to their turf, when and where it matters most.

  • 04:45 PM

    Susan Walmesley, VP of Marketing, Topgolf

    Defining an Undefinable Brand

    Topgolf initially set out to modernize the driving range experience, but somewhere along the way, evolved how we think about where we go for entertainment. Susan will discuss how Topgolf’s marketing strategy pivoted from targeting golfers to non-golfers and everyone in between. Susan will demonstrate:

    • What to do when your target demographic isn’t your actual demographic
    • How to market a company that is impossible to explain in a short tagline (or even a short paragraph)
    • How Topgolf overcame the “golf” part of its name to become an iconic lifestyle brand
  • 05:30 PM

    Networking Reception / Topgolf Experience

    Topgolf was made for this! We’ll enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and the incredibly fun Topgolf experience. You don’t have to be a golfer to play! Each golf bay (similar to bowling) will host teams of six people. We’ll keep score (similar to darts), and award prizes to the winners (prizes will not be at all similar to the PGA Tour’s).

Thursday, November, 10

  • 08:45 AM

    Recap & Preview

  • 09:00 AM

    Rob Candelino, VP of Marketing, Unilever

    Genuine Storytelling

    As audiences become increasingly educated about brands and traditional marketing, it is more important than ever to be genuine about what you do. Brands must earn the right to talk about their work by taking action and showing commitment. Until you’ve shown that you can make an impact, consumers will see right through it. Millennial consumers want to engage with brands they believe in, but equally important to having a cause that resonates with millennials is ensuring that it’s heard in the right ways and through the right channels. Hear how Unilever has engineered big ideas and mastered the art of storytelling across legacy brands such as Dove, TRESemme, AXE and more to drive relevance and brand loyalty among millennial consumers.

  • 09:30 AM

    Steph Wissink, Partner, Piper Jaffray

    Does Wall Street Care About Brand Equity?

    Brand value is often debated by Wall Street investors, but does brand equity matter to the long-term viability of a company? Financial performance and capital utility provide the basis for investment rationale; but what distinguishes average from outstanding is often a cultural mindset that prioritizes brand stewardship.

  • 10:00 AM

    Adrian France, Co-Founder, Odyssey

    The Real Key Drivers When Marketing
    To Millennials, Coming from a Millennial

    Millennials don’t want you to “act” like you are one of them and yell “yaasss” or that’s so “on fleek” and try to force a connection. Millennials value authenticity, and trust their friends’ recommendations more than any generation, especially when it comes to promotion on social media. In a world of branded content, celebrities advocating for gimme products, paid influencers, and more — millennials have quickly recognized what’s real and what’s not when it comes to branding, products and services. Adrian will provide a campaign case study to show how the combination of authenticity, relevance and organic sharing through micro-influencers create a winning combination for powerful engagement.

  • 10:15 AM

    Matt Bowers, CMO, Intrawest Resorts

    Managing Multigenerational Messaging

    Marketing to a fragmented audience means delivering your messages via fragmented content and unique media channels. But what is the right way to speak to different generations while trying to sell a singular product? How do you find and capitalize on common needs and desires between generations? And how you deliver information that leads people to discover and engage with your brand across multiple channels? As the CMO of one of America’s largest ski resort operators, Matt will answer these questions and more.

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  • 11:15 AM

    Christine Barton, Partner, Boston Consulting Group

    Evolving Millennial and Emerging Founder / Gen Z Consumer Behaviors

  • 12:00 PM

    Mel Coleman, Global Marketing, Communications and Engagement Manager, Google

    Fueling People To Be Their Best

    Mel will discuss the role and impact of Google’s corporate food service program in enabling its people to be at their best. She’ll explain how Google’s food program speaks to Millennial priorities such as transparency, aligned values, and foodie culture.

  • 12:30 PM


  • 01:30 PM

    Jane Boutelle, Co-Founder, Digsite

    Gaining Brand Trust Among (Skeptical) Millennials

    A lot of millennials claim to be immune to advertising. In reality, they tend to be a skeptical bunch that doesn’t automatically warm up to every brand that comes along. So, how does your brand gain trust and loyalty among millennials? Hear about the original research that Digsite did among millennial consumers, and learn some of the keys to building meaningful trust in your brand with this coveted audience.

  • 02:00 PM

    Mark Mears, CMO, Slim Chickens

    Words Matter in Building Loving (and Lasting) Brand Relationships

    In today’s dynamic and increasingly competitive restaurant, retail and hospitality industries, marketing that drives foot traffic and topline sales is important, but if done unprofitably, ultimately will fail. Mark will discuss how public-facing brands can and must avoid the downward spiral of short-term, discount-focused transactions, and instead build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with millennial guests. He will present a deep understanding of the millennial mindset, along with four tenets that stimulate millennial buying behavior.

  • 02:30 PM

    Casey Perkal & James O'Brien, Co-Founders, ShaveFace

    How Millennials Redefine Entrepreneurism

    Millennials came of age believing that the answer to every question and solution to every problem can be found on the Internet. And the belief made it true.

    Casey will describe the founding of ShaveFace, the importance to Millennials of the choosing business partner / colleagues, how to leverage the astounding power of Kickstarter campaigns, and the brand of cool / cheeky / utilitarian marketing that appeals to millennial men.

  • 03:00 PM

    Karen Goldfeder, VP,

    Marketing that Matters: Reaching Millennials through Cause

    In engaging young people in affecting social change, has forged connections with brands including Coca-Cola, H&M, JetBlue, and Johnson & Johnson. DoSomething uses the most relevant social streams and influencers around social impact to reach millions of Millennials, Gen Z, and those who think young. Karen will share insights from’s programs to illustrate how corporate behavior and values are as important as money – if not more so.

  • 03:30 PM

    Adam Grant, Founder/CEO, Campus Commandos

    Your College Student Task Results

    Adam will present the results of the college student response task that Share.Like.Buy. attendees chose at the beginning of the conference. Potential categories: a survey question, a product selfie, or a brand retweet. Be thinking about what you want to learn from 50 college students nationwide, in (near) real time.

  • 03:45 PM

    Conference Adjourns ... See you in 2017!